SER Owned/Operated Apartment Complexes
SER-SJV owns and operates five affordable housing projects located in Southern California and in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

Las Casitas de SER apartment complex (75 units) was built in 1988 to fill the need for affordable housing for retired farm workers, disabled, and low-income seniors. This project, developed with assistance from the California State Dept. of Housing and Community Development, has always maintained a positive cash flow.

Las Coronas apartments (23 units), built in 1972, were acquired by SER in 1996. The apartments were purchased and rehabbed with assistance from the City of Oceanside who provided a loan for $600,000 of HOME funds. These apartments provide affordable housing for low-income residents in an area where rents and mortgages are outside the reach of many.

Emerald Garden Townhome (16 units–2, 3 and 4 bedrooms), located in the City of Escondido, are beautiful and affordable. The townhomes were placed into service in March 1999. They provide a serene living environment for low-income individuals, who would otherwise not be able to afford to live in a comparable market-rate complex.

Royal Heights (EI Cajon/126 Units): The complex is situated 15 minutes from downtown San Diego. Its’ residents benefit from the very affordable rent schedules aimed at assisting low income families prepare for home ownership.

SER provides resident services, which include educational programs, computer training and ESL classes.

Citrus Gardens (Orange Cove/81 Units): This complex is located in the City of Orange Cove, one of the poorest farmworker communities in Fresno County. The “very low income” rental apartments allow residents the opportunity to save money for the purchase of their own homes. This past year 12 residents have been able to purchase their own home in the nearby Joe Serna Farmworker housing development.