Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)—Funding Level $1,035,120

This past fiscal year this program was funded to serve 908 low-income seniors with employment services. The U.S. Department of Labor awarded the program to SER-Jobs For Progress National, Inc. in 2003. Since then SER-National has contracted with several of its affiliates to operate the SCSEP in various states, including SER-SJV, which serves seniors in twelve counties in California.

In this program year for all the three regions in the State, the SCSEP met 82% of the Service Level Rate, and exceeded the Community Service Rate and the Most in Need Rate. The average for all three regions for Entered Employment Rate was 33%, the 6-Month Retention was exceeded at 81%, and Average Earnings was 84% of the National Goal. Placement of seniors into unsubsidized employment continues to be a challenge and staff has been instructed to focus on developing new recruitment and processing strategies for placement and the other performance measures where we fell short this past year.